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7 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 The Utopia of Rules David Graeber (in progress)
2 A Fatal Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum Emma Southon (in progress)
3 Fortune's Favourites (Masters of Rome 3) Colleen McCullough (in progress)
4 Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski This book was not quite for me, I think, but might be for someone else
5 The Year of Living Biblically: One Man's Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible A.J. Jacobs I feel this book was lacking a point and also a realization / message, but I learned a few things
6 The Grass Crown (Masters of Rome 2) Colleen McCullough Preferred to the first book because more character stuff
7 The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse Louise Erdrich This book was hilariously, tragically touching. Loved it. 10/10


36 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 Broken Homes (Peter Grant 4) Ben Aaronovitch I did not enjoy this. They just sat in an apartment the whole book.
2 Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant 5) Ben Aaronovitch Refreshingly interesting
3 The Hanging Tree (Peter Grant 6) Ben Aaronovitch Appreciate that the world is getting bigger
4 Lies Sleeping (Peter Grant 7) Ben Aaronovitch I've been to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry but I don't think Ben has
5 Abaddon's Gate (Expanse 3) James S. A. Corey Still pretty good stuff
6 Administrative Burden: Policymaking by Other Means Pamela Herd and Donald P. Moynihan Bummer book, but fascinating histories of different programs
7 An Indigenous People's History of the United States Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Pretty hard read
8 Several People Are Typing Calvin Kasulke Very short, pretty weird, lotta wolves
9 Jakob von Gunten, Ein Tagebuch Robert Walser Short, better than say, Catcher in the Rye
10 Bubble Jordan Morris and more Faithful to the podcast, plus lil stabbies
11 His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire 1) Naomi Novik Better than Pern
12 Throne of Jade (Temeraire 2) Naomi Novik Stressed because he should stay there, I reckon
13 All Systems Red (Murderbot 1) Martha Wells Really liked it!
14 Killers of a Certain Age Deanna Raybourn Why did I think this was gonna be sci fi?
15 The Hot Zone Richard Preston Compelling dramatized nonfiction
16 Babel, Or the Necessity of Violence R. J. Kuang Interesting, distressing, everything you could hope for in a book
17 Cibola Burn (Expanse 4) James S. A. Corey This was way more compelling than the TV show version
18 Nemesis Games (Expanse 5) James S. A. Corey Never split the party
19 Babylon's Ashes (Expanse 6) James S. A. Corey Depressing and enthralling
20 Persepolis Rising (Expanse 7) James S. A. Corey Usually I don't like time hops, but they pulled it off with a fresh baddie
21 Tiamat's Wrath (Expanse 8) James S. A. Corey I wish things weren't going this way
22 Expecting Better Emily Oster Fun but also not fun, I should try therapy maybe
23 Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Douglas Adams The "you don't have a secretary" scene killed me
24 Leviathan Falls (Expanse 9) James S. A. Corey Great ending to a great series
25 Recoding America Jennifer Pahlka (in progress)
26 Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Cory Doctorow Interesting but didn't land for me, I guess
27 Artificial Condition (Murderbot 2) Martha Wells Fun to make a new friend
28 Rogue Protocol (Murderbot 3) Martha Wells Feels like an episode of an old tv show
29 Exit Strategy (Murderbot 4) Martha Wells Fun to read but I remember nothing about it
30 Network Effect (Murderbot 5) Martha Wells I 100% lost track of who was what and which company
31 Fugitive Telemetry (Murderbot 6) Martha Wells Fun detective sidequest
32 Kalpa Imperial Angélica Gorodischer Fresh feeling structure, hilarious, but hard to get into
33 Here in the Night Rebecca Turkewitz I really enjoyed this, it made me think "hey, maybe I should try writing?"
34 Naples & the Amalfi Coast Rick Steves Love the tours
35 Top 10 Rome Eyewitness It's just okay, I should have stuck to one of my regular guidebooks
36 The First Man in Rome (Masters of Rome 1) Colleen McCullough Disappointed that this was more about political speeches than insulas but good


15 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 Termination Shock Neil Stephenson Did not finish. My first and last N.S. book, I think.
2 Whispers Under Ground (Peter Grant 3) Ben Aaronovitch I may have enjoyed this more than the previous 2
3 Leviathan Awakes (Expanse 1) James S. A. Corey I like it, I'll keep reading it
4 Caliban's War (Expanse 2) James S. A. Corey Pretty good
5 The City We Became N.K. Jemisin I was sure I would love it, but ultimately I couldn't get into it
6 Pie: A Global History Janet Clarkson Very interesting, a fast read
7 The Authenticity Project Clare Pooley Read for a new book club, would like to unread it if possible
8 Parable of the Sower Octavia Butler This was an excellent book which was too close to home for me, it gave me nightmares for weeks
9 The Actual Star Monica Byrne A fascinating premise spoiled by poor execution
10 Power to the Public: The Promise of Public Interest Technology Tara Dawson McGuinness This felt like a good intro but didn't live up to my expectations
11 Spirit of the Harvest Beverly Cox and Martin Jacobs The recipes are much more approachable than other NA recipe books I have, although it was also written by white folks
12 Let's Get Physical: How Women Discovered Exercise and Reshaped the World Danielle Friedman I was surprised to find that I liked this. Solid pop history.
13 Sailing Alone Around the Room Joshua Slocum With a few exceptions, these poems didn't land for me
14 A Psalm for the Wild-Built Becky Chambers Kinda cute, refreshing premise, but felt awkward in pacing or character or something
15 You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories About Racism Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar Not exactly a fun read but ooofta


19 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 A Memory Called Empire Arkady Martine Super cool premise, but the plot felt too convenient. Loved the world, meh the book.
2 Ancillary Justice Ann Leckie I have no idea what happened but I loved it!
3 Sentient Jeff Lemire, Gabriel Walta It was okay
4 Invisible Kingdom vol. 1 Willow Wilson Forgettable
5 Song of Solomon Toni Morrison It's sticking with me even though I didn't particularly love it?
6 The Once and Future Witches Alix E. Harrow The misogyny was too close to home to enjoy, but the premise was great.
7 Moon over Soho (Peter Grant 2) Ben Aaronovitch I felt a little weird about this one
8 The Dud Avocado Elaine Dundy This book is so not my thing and yet I loved it. The character destriptions! Zop zop.
9 Howl's Moving Castle Diana Wynne Jones So delightful! I loved it!
10 William Shakespeare's The Clone Army Attacketh Ian Doescher Our enthusiasm dipped but our will is not broken yet
11 William Shakespeare's Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge Ian Doescher Okay now we might have been broken
12 It's Not Easy Being Green and Other Things to Consider Jim Henson Found a wedding quote, crisis averted
13 The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark Carl Sagan Wedding quote NOT found
14 Cosmos Carl Sagan Cool book but not full of wedding quotations
15 Dracula Bram Stoker Chad did not like it, which means he doesn't have a man brain like Mina.
16 A Civic Technologist's Practice Guide Cyd Harrell This was such a good intro, and she came to talk to our book club, too!
17 Native Plants of the Midwest Alan Branhagen Nice introduction, I've marked a lot of pages
18 Salt Fat Acid Heat Samin Nosrat Lovely book, lovely stories, now I add a lot more salt to things
19 99 Bottles of OOP Sandi Metz and Katrina Owen Dang I suck at programming but this made me a little better


20 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 William Shakespeare's Verily, A New Hope Ian Doescher Levi nailed Greedo and that's all we could ask for
2 William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back Ian Doescher Davy and his space worm </3
3 William Shakespeare's The Jedi Doth Return Ian Doescher In which Lando became more and more Texan by the minute
4 William Shakespeare's The Phantom of Menace Ian Doescher Helen is getting old enough to slam the laptop shut
5 Saga vol 1 - 9 Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples Kinda depressing but memorable
6 Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up Tom Phillips Wasn't expecting much but honestly, it was kind of a fun, light read
7 Trick Mirror: Reflections on Self Delusion Jia Tolentino No thanks
8 Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Yuval Noah Harari I wasn't buying what this guy was selling
9 The Old Guard vol 1 Greg Rucka I kinda liked it
10 Family Tree vol 1 - ? Jeff Lemire These were fun and creepy and I should probably keep reading them.
11 Watership Down Richard Adams I was surprised to find I was bored stiff.
12 The Sting of the Wild Justin O. Schmidt Love love love it. I continue to quote the pain index.
13 The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet Becky Chambers Refreshing and chill, but also kinda clunky or awkward.
14 Harriet Porber and the Bad Boy Parasaurolophus Chuck Tingle I'll never look at Trent Reznor the same way again
15 Rivers of London (Peter Grant 1) Ben Aaronovitch I really enjoyed this, though I sometimes questioned whether the author or the character were the sexist ones...
16 Why Fish Don't Exist Lulu Miller First half I was quite bored, second half was suddenly bomb dot com
17 The House of the Spirits Isabel Allende 100 Years of Solitude Lite -- would recommend!
18 Worm Wildbow omg I read the entire thing a second time. This book is so incredible????!!!!
19 The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver Totally consuming, I spent a week living with these characters.
20 Farmhand vol 1 - 2 Rob Guillory I honestly do not remember reading this so I guess it didn't make an impression.


23 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 Ms. Marvel (several volumes) G. Willow Wilson I thought it was fine, though I'm not big on superhero stories
2 Thud! Terry Pratchett Loved it
3 The Butchering Art Lindsey Fitzharris Golly this book was so well done!
4 Salvage the Bones Jesmyn Ward Very evocative but I wouldn't read it again?
5 Snuff Terry Pratchett Yay Discworld
6 Runaways (several volumes) Brian K. Vaughan I only read them because of a book club I was in.
7 Less Sean Greer A funny, charming book that I would love to read again in a few years.
8 Carpe Jugulum Terry Pratchett Apparently I was on a Discworld kick
9 This Blessed Earth Ted Genoways I really enjoyed the history / ag sections and really wanted to skip the "folksy Americana farmer" sections
10 No Parachute: A Fighter Pilot in World War I Arthur Gould Lee This book is incredible and fascinating.
11 Fables: Legends in Exile Bill Willingham I did not enjoy this
12 Trail of Lightning Rebecca Roanhorse I wanted to like it but I hated the main character so...
13 Ice Cream Man W. Maxwell Prince NOPE never again
14 Nine Princes in Amber Roger Zelanzy I think I get why people recommended this to me but I was a meh to no thanks
15 Kindred Octavia Butler Very good, very upsetting, very recommended
16 Keith County Journal John Janovy Jr. Really enjoyable and informative, like a mug of hot cider in the winter
17 Moving Pictures Terry Pratchett I'm gonna call this a rare miss
18 Catseye Andre Norton It's refreshing to read old sci fi that isn't super sexist, although it wasn't very good, either?
19 Chew vol 1 - 4 John Layman and Rob Guillory I was into it, though everybody else in my book club was grossed out, lol
20 Nausicca of the Valley of the Wind Hayao Miyazaki Only read part of this one, got bored.
21 One of Ours Willa Cather The Cather Archive told me this wasn't a strong book but I actually really enjoyed it!
22 Die Kieran Gillen Meh
23 The Fires of Vesuvius Mary Beard A much more interesting and academic read than I feared from the title


22 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Douglas Adams I neither liked nor disliked this book
2 The Misanthrope Molière I was okay with the main character being exiled
3 March vol 1 - 3 John Lewis Really incredible, I learned so much from these books
4 Lords and Ladies Terry Pratchett Solid Discworld
5 The Stars are Legion Kameron Hurley This was a very creative, unusual, and wtf sci fi novel that I would not recommend.
6 The Wee Free Men Terry Pratchett Cute
7 Independent People Halldór Laxness An Icelandic epic. Well told and infuriating, which I think was the point.
8 A Room with a View E. M. Forster Not really my normal thing, vaguely entertaining.
9 The Radium Girls Kate Moore A horrifying and infuriating read. Fun to think about how very little has changed.
10 Lincoln in the Bardo George Saunders Interesting idea, not my favorite execution.
11 The Sandman vol 1 - 3 Neil Gaiman I was quite bothered by the torture stuff and had to stop.
12 The Mars Room Rachel Kushner Ugh I hated this, although it's not the story's fault
13 Peter Pan J. M. Barrie Entertaining, light, but not something I would revisit
14 Morning Glories vol 1 - 3 Nick Spencer I want to know what happens but am too lazy to read it all. Also all the women look exactly the same.
15 Super Indian vol 1 Arigon Starr I'm definitely not the audience, but I enjoyed this.
16 Men at Arms Terry Pratchett Solid enough
17 Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience Rebecca Roanhorse Really, really amazing short story.
18 Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic Alison Bechdel An interesting read, not the sort of genre I would seek out though
19 The Power Naomi Alderman Lovely premise, strong start, but disappointing conclusions
20 Black Hammer vol 1 - 2 Jeff Lemire I have no member of reading this so it can't have been that good
21 Jingo Terry Pratchett I don't remember this one, I'm afraid
22 The Fifth Elephant Terry Pratchett I enjoyed it!


28 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 Master and Commander Patrick O'Brian Very different from the movie, still a fun read
2 The Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead I kept getting hung up on "historical inaccuracies" which I realize is silly because the book wasn't going for accuracy.
3 The Man Who Would Be King Rudyard Kipling Meh. Skip it.
4 The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde Much longer than I was expecting, just hearing a summary is enough.
5 The Last Ringbearer Kirill Yeskov Great premise, meh plotline and characters. I enjoyed the idea that the magical northerners were the aggressors against industrially inclined southerners in Middle Earth.
6 The Professor's House Willa Cather Very beautiful and sad book. I hope that I am not the professor someday.
7 Soul Music Terry Pratchett A rare miss, in my opinion
8 Pale Fire Nabokov This book blew my mind, I was totally fascinated and ensnared.
9 Small Gods Terry Pratchett YES more of this all the time!
10 The Brothers Karamazov Fyodor Dostoevsky I would need a whole blogpost to list the ways this book agitated me. In summary? Dostoevsky needed an editor.
11 The Shepherd's Crown Terry Pratchett Pratchett saying goodbye to himself through his characters. Very moving, I cried.
12 The Fifth Season N.K. Jemisin One of the most incredible books I've ever read
13 The Stone Sky N.K. Jemisin My friends and I still talk about pirate island.
14 The Obelisk Gate N.K. Jemisin Not where I thought we'd be ending up but I liked it
15 The Three-Body Problem Cixin Liu Fascinating premise, so I was willing to overlook sexism...for now
16 The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket Edgar Allan Poe I read this while barfing repeatedly on a plane to Singapore, and the book did not help. Be glad Poe only wrote one novelette.
17 Witches Abroad Terry Pratchett I kinda wish they'd stayed home, but it was an okay read.
18 Pym Mat Johnson Loved the beginning, then all of a sudden it toggled into the weirdest shit, like watching Hot Fuzz for the first time.
19 The Immense Journey Loren Eiseley I think I expected more, but I like slowing down and thinking about nature.
20 Last Chance to See Douglas Adams A lovely, poignant, hilarious book. I loved it.
21 The Dark Forest Cixin Liu Okay this time I CANNOT get over the hideous sexism so that's the end of this series for me.
22 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents Terry Pratchett Kind of fun
23 The Poisoner's Handbook Deborah Blum A re-read but such a good book!
24 The Storm Before the Storm Mike Duncan Although I'm not a big roman history person, I enjoyed this
25 Star Trek Book of Opposites I need more books like this
26 Step Aside, Pops Kate Beaton She never misses
27 Right Ho, Jeeves P.G. Wodehouse Delightful
28 A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Gabriel García Márquez Upsetting and sad, but beautifully crafted.


26 books

# Title Author Thoughts
1 Worm wildbow I wish this was a "real" book series so badly
2 Music in Willa Cather's Fiction Richard Giannone Made me like Willa more
3 A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula K. Le Guin <3
4 Interesting Times Terry Pratchett
5 Homage to Catalonia George Orwell Extremely striking, I actually think of it often
6 Going Postal Terry Pratchett I think this is the best Discworld book of them all
7 Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Edwin A. Abbott I want to stab people with my linear body
8 Guards! Guards! Terry Pratchett
9 Pyramids Terry Pratchett Kind of a disappointing one, sadly
10 The Monkey Wrench Gang Edward Abbey Did this book try to make me an anti-environmentalist?
11 The Black Cauldron Lloyd Alexander I don't know how I missed this one as a child
12 Grant's Final Victory Charles Bracelen Flood Medical history on an individual scale, glad I am not Grant
13 The Book of Three Lloyd Alexander Golly this book is so good
14 The Green Boat Mary Pipher A lot to think about, inspired me to go to Keystone XL events
15 Romeo and / or Juliet Ryan North Okay this is brilliant
16 Logicomix Apostolos Doxiados I'm just not into it
17 The Hundred Year Walk Dawn Anahid Mackeen I got to meet the author! A fascinating, terrifying read.
18 So You've Been Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson Things to think about but I don't care to
19 The Left Hand of Darkness Ursula K. Le Guin Probably groundbreaking back then, I found it less so for myself
20 Reaper Man Terry Pratchett
21 Good Omens Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman I wanted to like it more than I did
22 Station Eleven Emily St. John Mandel Maybe hit too close to home, idk, not my thing
23 Eric Terry Pratchett Sadly, I wasn't into this one
24 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick Very different than the movie, ultimately just about as boring lol oh no
25 Hark! A Vagrant Kate Beaton How I wish there were volumes and volumes to read
26 Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond Bill Campbell and Edward Austin Hall Some hits, mostly misses or mehs