jessica dussault

About Jessica

Welcome to my website. It exists because I didn't want any other Jessica Dussaults out there to get the domain and put something I don't like on it. There are some Jessica Dussaults in the world who probably don't like what I've put on it, but I guess that's life.

I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Jessica. I sometimes make terrible websites for myself. I try to make better websites for other people. This feels strange to me, because websites were not on my list in 6th grade when I decided on my life goals:

2 down, 4 to go.


Those who observe the Jessica calendar may benefit from the helpful list of feast days below.

Major feast days

Date Holiday Description
March 14 π day Pies and pis
May 28 My birthday
August 18 Chad's birthday

Minor feast days

Date Holiday Description
January Midwinter's Repast Gathering of friends for a large or fancy meal
March 9 Date-iversary Also Robin Trower and Yuri Gagarin's birthday
Late winter - early spring The Chill Grill It's slightly too cold to grill but we're doing it anyway
May 1 May Day Ding dong ditching time!
October 23 Mole Day Sometimes observed as a major holiday
Late autumn Festival of Wassail and Cheese Hot beverages, cheese, candles, and a couple friends

Cat feast days

Date Holiday Description
June 4 Kimber's birthday This one, we're pretty sure about
September 1 Kimber's adoptiversary She was so little and cute then
October 9 Connie's birthday We estimate, anyway
Day before Thanksgiving Connie's adoptiversary We were just going to LOOK at cats